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Welcome to the Haute Yogi!


“If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.”
– Zig Ziglar

Welcome to the Haute Yogi! My name is Samantha and I am a Chinese-American model, insurance agent and aspiring yoga instructor. This blog is dedicated to my journey of self-discovery through yoga practice. Yoga has been an on-again-off-again love affair of mine for about three years. It all began during my senior year in high school when I needed an escape from the stresses of studying for my IB exams in Shanghai. I found yoga to be the perfect practice to quiet the chaotic noise of the external world and to be able to come back to myself and reflect internally. Every class left me with a quiet sense of serenity and a rejuvenated soul and seemed to fill the empty hole I have felt within me ever since my father passed away unexpectedly when I was 11.

When I moved to Hong Kong for university, I stopped practicing as I got swept up into the changes of living alone and attending classes, you know, doing the the normal college kid scene, gaining that freshmen 15 and spending most of my nights out, partying the night away until sunrise. It was only until after I graduated with my Bachelors that I began practicing a few times a week again at age 22. This time, I wasn’t escaping the stresses of exams but the uncertainty of life; and that feeling of misplacement from being a student all one’s life to suddenly, supposedly an adult. Again, I found solace going to classes and emptying my mind of life’s nuances and uncertainties.

This year, I finally joined a yoga studio to focus on bettering my practice and to find peace. A few months ago I ended my engagement which left my mind at a disarray. It was then that I knew it was time to focus on myself to discover what it is exactly that I want in life, and what I will be able to contribute back to the community. As I have always loved practicing yoga since my first class at 17, I signed up to get my RYT 200 at Yandara Yoga Institute, commencing this July 17th. I am excited to begin the journey that I have been putting off for years now, and want to share it with you, whoever is reading this. I hope you walk beside me in this journey. In the words of E. L. Doctorow, “How do you know what you know until you’ve written it? Writing is knowing.” My aim is to know more by journaling my journey, from gaining my RYT 200 to trying out different yoga studios and asanas.

I hope you enjoy the ride and that you share your own stories and journey of self-discovery here as well!